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2024 Completed

Putin had been preparing his country for the big war long before it started. A group of independent Russian journalists and activists face severe punishment and end up facing personal and political dilemmas in Askold Kurov’s couragous and critical film.

Tracing Light

2024 In Post-Production

Light is the energy of life, the language of matter. Who wants to learn something about our world must approach light. Three renowned artists, three important institutes of physics and a filmmaker are fascinated and inspired by the magic magic and uniqueness of light.


2024 In Post-Production

Grigol and his son Luka run a famous shop on the main boulevard of Tbilisi. Here they sell refreshing lemonades, while under pressure from the secret police, they develop essences in the laboratory behind the shop, that change the course of human history. A fairytale love story about the dream of the elixir of infinite happiness and the obstacles along the way.

Stalin's Cola

The sweetest secret of the Soviet Union

2024 In Post-Production

The unbelievable story of the Soviet soft drink that Stalin wanted to beat the American Coke in the so-called “lemonade war”.

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