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The Loss of Wonder

2022 In Pre-Prodcution

The Loss of Wonder is a visual celebration of the human body as an intelligent communicator, as an antenna for the world, as everything that makes us human. After all, we don't have bodies – we are bodies.


2021 In Pre-Prodcution

25-year old Miyu Kojima calls herself a memory organizer. She works for the company "To Do" in Tokyo, where she cleans apartments in which people died a lonesome death – a phenomenon increasingly affecting young people too. Miyu thinks a lot about human existence and peace of the soul. That is why she has taken her profession a step further…


Georgia’s Big Dream

2020 in production

A film about a small country with big dreams. How Georgia aims to become a global player with an ambitious harbor project as trading hub of the new Silk Road between Asia and Europe.

1001 Nights Apart

2020 In post-production

A portrait of a nation illustrated by two separate generations of Iranian dancers and inspired by the tale of Scheherazade.

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