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1001 Nights Apart - German-wide theatrical release

With the German-wide theatrical release on 21.07.2022, the documentary 1001 Nights Apart can now be seen in selected cinemas in various cities. A list of the screening times can be found at the cinema distributor Real Fiction Film:


Furthermore, the film has already been well received by the press!

"Alambeigi deliberately hides what the young people do for a living. Dance is their profession, and if it was not forbidden, it would be their job as well. Such blanks make "1001 Nights Apart" an oppressive reflection on the will of art to survive in a country that summarily punishes any protest from critics to prevent alliances from forming."

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"The film's strongest scenes are those in which the dancing in them triggers emotions that hint at the social pressures."


"1001 Nights Apart testifies to the rift that the revolution meant for cultural creation. In the process, the courage and élan of the underground dancers, who want to make an impact exclusively in Iran."

Stadtrevue Cologne

"The film offers an extremely interesting insight into artistic work in Iran, as well as into the - often only modest - wishes and hopes of a generation that sees itself cheated of its life by religious guardians of virtue."


1001 NIGHTS APART continues to screen in selected cinemas in the following weeks.

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