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New name for film on Andy Goldsworthy: Leaning into the Wind



© Thomas Riedelsheimer 2016

The idea to produce a second movie with and about the person Andy Goldsworthy and his art developed in 2011. The working title The Human Touch was set ten years after Rivers and Tides (2001) in which they had limited contact only.

After finishing two years of shooting and finalizing the rough cut, the two met end of April in Edinburgh. Thomas Riedelsheimer travelled there to take some additional street scenes in the city. Besides the shootings, discussions on the production status of the movie were on the way: Goldsworthy is delighted by the work in progress. The impressions from the review brought the conversations to a stage, where they were finally able to decide on the title of the film.

Riedelsheimer had more good news with him: The soundtrack for Leaning into the Wind is going to be arranged by Fred Firth. The exceptional English musician was already in charge for the soundtrack in Rivers and Tides. Riedelsheimer met with Firth in Basel to discuss details.

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