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Breathing Earth - TV broadcast - 20/11/2015

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Breathing Earth - Susumu Shingus Dream

Friday, 20th November, 23:14h (92 Min.) 

ARTE, WDR (West German Broadcasting Corporation)

What the movie is about: 

Japanese artist Susumu Shingu sculpts the winds and follows them in search of a resting place, a wind-powered home, for his long, lifetime dream of Breathing Earth.
75-year-old Japanese artist Susumu Shingu talks with nature through his sculptures. 

His lifelong dialogue with the wind and with water has given the world uniquely beautiful works of fluid, unpredictable and ever-changing movement. Susumu renders visible the veiled and the unseen and opens to us new perspectives. Thomas Riedelsheimer accompanies this quiet and unassuming man in pursuit of a dream, a quest to create an awareness of our planet, our breathing earth and our human values. Breathing Earth is a film about the wind, the philosophy of a wise person, about art and love and dreams.

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